About artisan acoustics

Artisan Acoustics started in 2015 to share the amazing value of SB Acoustics loudspeakers anywhere in South East Asia.

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Started by a pair of recalcitrant gentlemen passionate in high fidelity reproduction of music. Being poor students then, they were aghast by exorbitant prices where retail price can be five times the actual cost of the equipment to the distributor/dealer, they decide to build when they can no longer afford to buy.

Thus, these two each misspent a good two decades of their youths in pursuit of making their interpretation of the best loudspeakers (in Jeremy Clarkson's voice), "in the world".

We last heard they are building their next 'last' pair of loudspeakers. Much to the exasperation of their wives beleaguered by previous projects.

In 2015 these two heard about a new brand just south east of their island by a veteran industry heavyweight. They flew off for a free factory visit and was offered an opportunity of a lifetime; DIY their own speakers at cost price er.. I mean distributorship for an up and coming under dog brand that will wipe the competitors off the proverbial table.

There they learned SB Acoustics combines the highest standards of Danish acoustic transducers (speakers) engineering with a wholly integrated manufacturing vertical in Indonesia to provide the best value loudspeakers (Clarkson again) "in the world".

So feel free to contact us to chat about our extremely niche hobby of making or modifying Hifi loudspeakers whether you are merely curious or a seasoned manufacturer. We hope to be able to advise on the best way to spend your money, preferably on us.