Ara Be

 2-way Bookshelf speaker with SATORI®  Beryllium tweeters

The ARA Be is designed to deliver top level transparent and dynamic sound reproduction, now equipped with TW29BN, touted as the best tweeter in the world. 

Key Features



"I was quite surprised that the tweeter which has a beryllium dome did not sound bright or hard. I have heard other beryllium dome tweeters that sounded bright, hard and even metallic. Indeed, the SB Acoustics’ treble sounded extended and smooth without any touch of harshness." -


The Ara Be is built with two internal chambers to isolate vibrations from either drivers, minimising coloration. The Ara Be features a unique slanted cabinet construction that helps with time coherence - creating an audio experience that feels airy and life-like.

limited units available

SB Acoustics was formed to bring an alternative to the high-end transducer market. Marrying the design talents of Danesian Audio (Denmark), a company filled with industry veterans, responsible for many well known and revolutionary designs, and manufacturing expert Sinar Baja Electric (Indonesia), a vertically integrated company with more than 40 years of transducer manufacturing experience.  

Artisan Acoustics was founded with a passion for high-end High-fidelity audio in Singapore, and now distributes SB Acoustics products in Asia (Malaysia) outside of Indonesia. Here at AA, we want to bring the masses to enjoy, and appreciate the art of music and audio, and the amazing engineering that goes behind audio systems.