CLIENTS Projects

Sasandu Speaker Kit

SB's latest SB kit, the Sasandu!

One of many happy owners in KL, Gan modified his Sasandu with outriggers to improve its looks and coupling to the floor.

Rinjani Be Speaker Kit

Li Yang, a customer was blown away by the Rinjanis and custom ordered his end game version in Lamborghini Orange with upgraded Beryllium Tweeters.

"As a IEM maker and headfi expert I haven't found a pair of speakers that satisfies me until the Rinjani. They are perfect and I am happy to have achieved end game just like Artisan Acoustics suggested!

The beryllium tweeter is amazing, when I put my ear close to them, its completely transparent sounding"

Learn More About The Rinjani Be Speaker Kit

Satori Statement Line Array

Ryan's attempt at the best possible sound for his HDB BTO living room. The result are a pair of reference 4 way active speakers with line array bass to discover exactly how good SB can sound.

"The music dynamics, transients are entirely effortless and starts stops on the dime. The phrases of 'being there', 'live' used to describe past speakers are all but caricatures compared to what these speakers presents."

Driver Layout

Highs 2 pcs TW19BN Satori Beryllium Tweeter

Mids 2 pcs MR13P-8 Satori 5" Midwoofer

Lower 4 pcs Mids MW19P-8 Satori 7.5" Midwoofers

Bass 6 pcs SB23NACS45-8 SB Aluminum Woofers

Avalon Inspired FAST 2 Way

Sanjay's experiment of sorts, the Satori MR16P-4, the white midrange actually measures and performs better than regular fullrange drivers. As such, this is a FAST design with the Satori 6.5" running fullrange with bass handed to the SB Audience (Pro audio) 12" Woofer. The tweeter is not connected but left there in case the 2 way idea did not work.

It did so the tweeter remains unconnected resulting in a dynamic 95db sensitive speaker well suited for single ended tube amps like 2A3 or 300B.

Driver Layout

Fullrange 2 pcs MR16P-4 Satori Midrange

Bass 2 pcs SB Audience 12" Woofer

Kalasan Wilson Audio Watt Puppy Style

The nice trapezium bookshelf is a SB Satori 2 way kit, the Kalasan.

They happened to fit a pair of woofer modules built previously.

Bookshelf Speakers SB Speaker Kit Kalasan

Woofer Modules 2 pcs Acoustic Elegance TD10S-8 Apollo Upgrade

Uluwatu - the 95db 8ohm Tower of Power

This was rushed to completion for a local diy hifi meet in late feb 2016

Following Curt Campbell's design he name the Uluwatu, these are

Comparatively, these 5" woofers' midrange is a less detailed than the Satori but WOW the low end is more extended, impactful, extremely dynamic, agile and has none of the overhang/delay in ported enclosures. The MLTL enclosure design definitely plays a part in the delightful bass.

2.5 way vented floorstand design by Curt Campbell

Sensitivity ~95db

Nominal Impedance 6ohm

Tweeter SB29RDNC-C000-4 Ring Radiator Tweeter

Midwoofers 6pcs SB13PFC25-08 Midwoofers

Width 21.6 cm

Height 120 cm

Depth 40 cm

Max SPL 118 dB @ 1 meter