satori TeXtreme®

Satori TeXtreme® delivers new heights of audio re-reproduction with space-age composite diaphragms.

WHAT is TeXtreme®?

TeXtreme® is a brand name for a line of ‘spread tow’ composite materials manufactured by Oxeon, a Swedish company that specialises in advanced textile materials. TeXtreme® spread tow materials are made from fibres that are spread into a thin, flat rows and then combined with a resin or other matrix material to form a composite structure.

Spreading carbon fiber tows into tapes

Other carbon fibres are spun in a circular arrangement - similar to how ropes have spun fibres to make it stronger. TeXtreme® however, arranges the fibers flat into a thin, crossed tape. 

Benefits of Spread Tow tapes

Spread tow tapes are much, much thinner, about half the height of typical spun fibres. The even distribution of fibres within the tape creates great mechanical strength and is able to withstand large forces without breaking.

Benefits of Spread Tow fabrics

The spread tow structure makes it possible to achieve thinner laminates and final product.  By using flat tapes, the fabric is weaved and reduces the amount of binding resin, substantially reducing weight of the final material, all the while maintaining structural integrity.

With more material packed in the same area, TeXtreme® Spread Tow get better mechanical performance. Less is in fact more.

why use SATORI TEXTREME® drivers?

SATORI TeXtreme® drivers are made of Thin Ply Carbon Diaphragms (TPCD). Thin-ply carbon is a novel type of material that is used in applications that require the absolute highest performance in combination with ultralight weight - allowing the diaphragm to reproduce sounds with extreme clarity.

It boils down to physics. Heavier, thicker cones have more mass, which requires more energy from the voice coil to move. Heavier cones also have more inertia, they cannot start and stop moving quickly.

Exceptional Handling

If you have a car, It is exactly like accelerating and braking. A car with shorter acceleration and braking times are well-regarded in the automotive industry as to have ‘exceptional handling’

Cars like these are sought after as they accelerate and stop exactly where you want it, without overshooting, sliding, or crashing head-first into a car in front of you, when you least expected it. 

That’s why car chassis are now made with lighter, stronger materials, so the engine doesn’t have to work as hard, while keeping passengers safe in an emergency. Similarly, having a diaphragm made of lighter, stronger and stiff materials is an advantage.

Reducing drag and flexing

Textreme is used in the audio loudspeaker industry due to its high specific stiffness, which allows it to retain shape under high loads. The speaker cone is subject to high stress due to their continuous back-and-forth movement in producing sound.

Textreme is lightweight, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the cone, reducing drag and flexing, leading to tighter, cleaner transient response, ensuring highly-accurate sound re-production.

How does Textreme compare to Beryllium?

So far we have had experts say Textreme sounds like a warmer version of Beryllium and think Beryllium sounds slightly warmer.  This means it is a more budget friendly equivalent to Beryllium!

Wouldn’t Textreme sound lean and harsh as it is so stiff? 

Stiff materials are needed to re-create audio as accurately to the source as possible. This is why SB Acoustics’  Satori TeXtreme tweeters and midwoofer drivers are well reviewed. Despite the stiff material, sounds appear life-like, with good imaging and body, with virtually no harshness. 

With heightened clarity, you can experience music magnitudes closer to the original vision of the artist with a more life-like sound. Your music library will thank you for the breath of fresh auditory experience! 

Here at Artisan Acoustics, we have a limited run on the Textreme Edition speaker kits in Malaysia and Singapore. We think you will appreciate how they sound, so WhatsApp us to arrange a demo session, and have a listen yourself to decide! 


3-way floor standing speaker with Textreme® drivers

 2½-way floor standing speaker with Textreme®  drivers

 2-way stand mount monitor speaker with Textreme® drivers

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SB Acoustics was formed to bring an alternative to the high-end transducer market. Marrying the design talents of Danesian Audio (Denmark), a company filled with industry veterans, responsible for many well known and revolutionary designs, and manufacturing expert Sinar Baja Electric (Indonesia), a vertically integrated company with more than 40 years of transducer manufacturing experience.  

Artisan Acoustics was founded with a passion for high-end High-fidelity audio in Singapore, and now distributes SB Acoustics products in Asia (Malaysia) outside of Indonesia. Here at AA, we want to bring the masses to enjoy, and appreciate the art of music and audio, and the amazing engineering that goes behind audio systems.