From buchardt to satori

Review by Paulo Miguel Faustino posted here with his kind permission

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Picture of a pair of SB Acoustics Satori Sasandu Speakers from the listening position

I got the SB Acoustics Sasandu running for a total of 100 hours now. I had Buchardts S400mk2 before. The Sasandu is heaps better in almost all technical aspects.

Gear used is Denafrips stack of Thallo, Athena, Pontus, Hermes with BIC500 power conditioner.

Soundstage is about 2-3 times bigger. Resolution is effortless and holographic, has pinpoint imaging, full of air and ambiance while not being harsh or sharp. Vocals are clear, organic, full sounding. Bass is snappy, punchy, weighty, full of texture and authority.

My impression of the speakers is that it is transparent, resolute and quick. Does not have a sound signature which is good if you want to color it with your gear. Every bit of change I did to my system is easily heard like the length of generic usb cord, usb to SSD vs SD card and HDMI cable.

Very sensitive!

This is different with the Buchardts, refined and smooth character with a bit of sweetness but amazingly able to keep up with the amount of bass of a floorstander.

Picture of a pair of SB Acoustics Satori Sasandu Speakers in Paulo's living room

Overall, with a little bit double the price of the s400mk2, you get the Sasandu, very capable end game speakers. It will bring out the maximum performance of most systems and will not run out of steam. It will keep up and scale well with all the future upgrades of your components.

I am very happy to experience and own these speakers. In my experience and opinion, the S400mk2 is midfi and Sasandu’s in the hifi realm.

Paulo Miguel Faustino